Virtual Assistance and Marketing Management

I have years of experience creating, designing, editing, and managing WordPress websites. I’ve worked with brands to establish social media presence and create marketing strategies and produce copy and content for my personal projects and other brands. 

WordPress Websites:

Social Media and Marketing

Vital Outdoors

I wrote and edited copy and content along with creating marketing graphics, both digital and print. I do not have permission to share the number growth and engagement. I grew their Instagram account and worked to increase engagement across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I oversaw email marketing blasts. One of my biggest pieces was working with Ford. I teamed up with Ford and another marketing team during a promotion of their 2019 Ford Ranger for the store. 

Toad and Co - Golden

I wrote and edited copy and content. I also created graphics and helped manage social media accounts. 

Atlas Calling

My ongoing, personal project, I create all content for this site. This includes social media and digital marketing. I use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and I produce all email marketing blasts.